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The list shows all projects coordinated within the Technical Committee for Interdisciplinary Metrology.

Projects TC-IM

Subject Reg. No. Starting TITLE Coordinating Institute Status Collaboration Type KCDB
IM 1561 2022-08-31 Comparisons as continuously evolving bilateral comparisons JV in progress Comparison
IM 1551 2022-05-22 Challenges and opportunities in sensor network metrology CMI in progress Research
IM 1548 2022-03-15 Early career training and development in metrology INRIM ongoing Consultation
IM 1543 2021-06-01 Calibration Guides for accredited laboratories in EURAMET member countries PTB in progress Consultation
IM 1460 2018-03-28 Memorandum of Understanding for Closer Collaboration in Baltic States Metrosert completed Consultation
IM 1449 2018-06-01 Research data management in European metrology (Formerly including the European Open Science Cloud) PTB in progress Research
IM 1448 2018-06-01 Development of digital calibration certificates PTB in progress Research
IM 1374 2015-07-01 Metrology - in short, fourth edition BEV in progress Consultation
IM 1298 2014-01-01 Future of the CIPM MRA METAS completed Consultation
IM 1181 2011-01-03 International Conference - AMCTM 2011 - Advanced Mathematical and Computational Tools in Metrology and Testing RISE completed Consultation
IM 1148 2010-03-24 Follow up on the Coordination of NANOMETrology in Europe, Co-Nanomet DFM completed Consultation
IM 1135 2009-04-21 WELMEC Software Guides (train-the-trainers) MIRS completed Consultation
IM 1134 2009-03-24 Programme for precious metals testing (training) DZM completed Consultation
F, IM 1133 2009-06-22 Knowledge transfer in the field of liquid flow and volume metrology EIM completed Consultation
IM, M 1096 2008-04-01 SEE exercise comparison of mass standards of 1 kg and submultiples of the kilogram EIM completed Consultation
IM 1086 2008-12-13 Project management and supervision METAS completed Research
IM 1078 2008-11-01 Development of methods for the evaluation of uncertainty in dynamic measurements PTB concluded Research
IM 1026 2007-01-01 Metrology Knowledge Transfer in the European Metrology Research Programme1 RISE completed Consultation
IM 1011 2007-11-09 Metrology - in short, third edition DFM completed Consultation
IM 1001 2007-07-03 Agreement of traceability in measurement fields MIKES completed Traceabillity
IM 841 2005-04-01 Implementing the European Research Area in Metrology BEV completed Consultation
IM 802 2003-05-15 Development of Metrology Infrastructure in Estonia MIKES completed Consultation
IM 787 2003-03-17 Nordic Metrology Research Area - nMERA RISE completed Consultation
IM 768 2004-03-08 Workshop on Accreditation and the review of the quality system of the calibration services of the National Metrology Institutes. LNE completed Consultation
IM 706 2003-03-21 EUROMET-EA MoU LNE completed Consultation
IM 673 2002-09-01 Metrology - in short, 2nd edition DFM completed Consultation
IM 668 2002-05-01 SofTools_MetroNet: Advanced Mathematical and Computational Tools in Metrology INRIM completed Research
IM 667 2000-12-31 A Panorama over the European Union Metrology Infrastructure LNE completed Consultation
IM 665 2002-05-01 Representation of EUROMET at NCSL 2002 and 2003 NSAI NML completed Research
IM 664 2002-04-01 Internet measurement & self-calibration VSL completed Research
IM 663 2003-06-01 Video Conference facilities for EUROMET activities DFM completed Consultation
IM 662 2002-03-01 Planning the European Research Area in Metrology NPL completed Consultation
IM 661 2002-05-31 Workshop on Prioritisation in Metrology UME completed Research
IM 611 2000-02-01 Development of the Malta metrology directorate MCCAA-SMI completed Consultation
IM 609 2001-03-01 Representation of EUROMET at NCSL 2001 NPL completed Research
IM 595 2000-07-01 Metrology - in short DFM completed Research
IM 567 2000-03-01 International measurement software library (EUROMETROS) NPL concluded Research
IM 522 1999-01-01 Unified characterisation of national standards, characteristics and database CMI completed Research
IM 517 2000-11-01 Implementing QSs in the NMIs of EUROMET members, compliant with ISO/IEC 17025 and consistent with requirements of CIPM's MRA VSL completed Research
IM 515 2000-08-01 Metrological Support to International Trade, MetroTrade DFM completed Consultation
IM 513 1999-01-01 EUROMET criteria for establishing and maintaining confidence in other RMOs organisation concerning the implementation of MRA LNE completed Research
IM 512 1999-01-01 Implementation of the BIPM's MRA for EUROMET countries LNE completed Research
IM 508 2000-11-15 Improving Dialogue between EU regulatory Bodies and Nationals Measurements Institutes RegMet NPL completed Research
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