Implementing the European Research Area in Metrology

Project Description

A consortium drawn from the EUROMET NMIs and some of their ministries (plus IRMM) have been awarded a contact to implement the European Research Area in Metrology. The contract starts 1st April 2005 and runs for three years. The contract includes reporting mechanisms for the consortium, but the recommendations relate to the full membership of EUROMET.

This INTMET project will shadow the project and ensure that all EUROMET members are appraised of the iMERA project progress.

Progress Report 17.03.2009

The iMERA network project was successfully completed on the 31st December 2008, and reported to the Commission by the due deadline in mid February 2009. Comments from the Commission are awaited.

The iMERA Plus JRPs were launched between February and July 2008, and all have reported progress from start to 31st October 2008. Reports have been reviewed and comments issued, and resubmissions are currently being reviewed. The total value of the 21 JRPs is around 64.6 M€.

Progress towards Article 169 a 400 M€ 7 year programme is proceeding well, with a good prospect of a so called "co-decision" between the Council of Ministers and European parliament before the summer recess. Options for launching the 1st stage "call for potential topics" ahead of contract are being explored. The first call will be for metrology supporting the energy sector.