EURAMET Technical Committees

Technical collaboration in EURAMET is organised within ten Technical Committees. They focus on areas such as Acoustics, Mass, Time or Thermometry up to Ionising Radiation. In addition, two Committees deal with the overall topics Quality and Interdisciplinary Metrology. The Technical Committees are EURAMET's forum for scientific and technical cooperation in the respective fields.

The types of cooperation are:

  • Cooperation in research
  • Comparison in measurement standards
  • Traceability
  • Consultation on facilities

Objectives and Scope
The Technical Committees are responsible for the execution of the activities required by EURAMET as Regional Metrology Organisation (RMO) for the fulfilment of the Mutual Recognition Arrangement of the International Committee of Weights and Measures (CIPM-MRA). This comprises:

  • Intra-RMO review and submission of the Calibration and Measurement Capabilities (CMCs) of EURAMET Members and Associates
  • Inter-RMO review of CMCs of other RMOs Proposal of RMO Key and Supplementary Comparisons and support of their conduct
  • In the case of TC-Q, review and providing formal acknowledgement of the Quality Systems of EURAMET Members and Associates
  • In the case of TC-IM, development of a EURAMET position regarding issues related to the CIPM-MRA

Additionally the Technical Committees contribute to the elaboration and execution of the European Metrology Research Programmes EMRP and EMPIR.

Organisation and Composition of the Technical Committees
The Delegate of a EURAMET Member or Associate may appoint a Contact Person to each Technical Committee (one Contact Person per country). A Contact Person shall be an employee of a Member or Associate who is technically competent in the respective field. The same person may be Contact Person in more than one Technical Committee. Corresponding NMIs may participate in the Technical Committees as observer on invitation of the Technical Committee Chair. The Technical Committees meet once a year and their work is coordinated by a chairperson who is elected by the General Assembly.

If needed, Technical Committees establish Subcommittees (SC) to deal with specific issues of the Technical Committee's working field. The Contact Person of a Subcommittee may be the Contact Person of the Technical Committee or another person appointed by him or her. A Convenor coordinates the work of the SC. The Convenor is proposed by the Technical Committee and appointed by the EURAMET Chairperson.