Technical Committee for Ionising Radiation

The Technical Committee for Ionising Radiation (TC-IR) is concerned with the metrology of ionising radiation related to medical, industrial, environmental, scientific and radiation protection applications. According to the type and nature of ionising particles and quantities required to measure, radiation dosimetry and radionuclide-/neutron measurements are the main subfields. 
The fundamental SI quantities and units are the

  • Particle Fluence, Ф (m-2)
  • Activity, (s-1) special name is becquerel (Bq)
  • Kerma , K, (J/kg) special name is gray (Gy)
  • Absorbed Dose , D, (J/kg) special name is gray (Gy)
  • Dose Equivalent, H, (J/kg) special name is sievert (Sv)

TC Chair

Jacco de Pooter, VSL (Netherlands)

TC-IR News

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EMPIR project develops new radon sources to improve exposure measurements and greenhouse gas tracing
The sources will improve atmospheric transport models which can be used to track both radon and greenhouse gases
EMPIR radon metrology research leads to licence agreement
In May 2023 a License Agreement for an atmospheric radon monitor was signed between the company Radonova and the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya
EMPIR radon project holds successful scientific workshop and training courses
EMPIR project traceRadon held a successful workshop and two practical training courses including lab tours and a hands-on session