EMN for Pollution Monitoring

Robust metrology for pollution monitoring for the air, water and soil will be vital to achieving zero pollution and carbon neutrality, ambitions laid out in strategies by both the European Union and the United Nations.

The European Metrology Network for Pollution Monitoring (PolMo) aims to create a sustainable metrology infrastructure to support European and international regulations and directives targeting pollution monitoring, using smart specialisation to maximise outcomes from currently available research resources.

The network will establish a continuous dialogue between National Metrology Institutes (NMIs), Designated Institutes (DIs) and stakeholders to inform research pathways, with a dedicated strategy for knowledge-sharing that will accelerate the dissemination of research results. An EU-wide metrology hub of excellence will be established to support EU and national authorities in addressing current, emerging, and future metrological needs around pollution monitoring. PolMo will initially focus on chemical, biological and radionuclide pollution in air, water, and soil, with a scope to expand its expertise to other pollutants such as light and noise in the future.

EMN Chair

Nathalie Guigues, LNE, France

EMN Vice-Chairs

Christian Piechotta (BAM, Germany): Soil
Jyrki Viidanoja (Syke, Finland): Water
Panayot Petrov (NPL, UK): Air

EMN Secretary

Bertille Bonnaud (LNE, France)