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Technical Committee for Metrology in Chemistry

The Technical Committee of Metrology in Chemistry (TC-MC) is a Joint EURAMET-Eurachem Technical Committee. It is concerned with primary methods and reference materials for chemical measurements and research in metrology to support different sectors in chemistry.
The general tasks and areas of common interest are:

  • to develop, improve and apply primary methods and reference materials for chemical measurements
  • to support and act for the development of national and international chemical measurement structures
  • to provide a pragmatic approach to measurement traceability and measurement uncertainty and to establish links to SI where appropriate
  • to undertake regional key comparisons and supplementary comparisons, and to provide links with CCQM
  • to undertake research in metrology, to support different sectors in chemistry
  • to disseminate expertise and knowledge on metrology in chemistry through seminars, guides, conferences, comparisons, etc.

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TC-MC News

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EMPIR project enables development of the first traceable spectroscopic HCl standard worldwide
The first traceable spectroscopic standard for Hydrogen Chloride worldwide has been developed and metrologically validated at PTB
EMPIR project generates first stable trace level Hydrogen Chloride gas standards
A new dynamic gas standard for HCl has been developed in the 1–15 nmol mol-1 range – a major cause of production loss in semiconductor manufacturing
EMPIR project develops world-first procedure for measuring sepsis biomarkers
Accelerated, accurate measurements of key proteins can be used to diagnose and guide treatment for sepsis, improving survival rates