EURAMET has published several guides to give guidance on general topics related to the measurement infrastructure including the operation of National Metrology Institutes, the role of Designated Institutes, procedures for Calibration and Measurement Capabilities and comparisons.

All guides are listed below and are available for download as PDF version.

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EURAMET and the Operation of NMIs

This document has been prepared by EURAMET as a guide to the operation of National Metrology Institutes (NMIs). It aims to provide information for the top level management of an NMI and people who are responsible in the respective ministry for the national metrological infrastructure.

Depending on the size of a country and the specific metrological needs of industry, society and the scientific community, the scope of an NMI will vary, but key elements for the structure and the operation can be identified. The information in the guide reflects the experience of larger and smaller European NMIs obtained over recent years and reflects the growing need for European and international cooperation.

No. 1 | EURAMET and the Operation of NMIs | Version 2.0 | 2015-01-22

Role of Designated Institutes within the CIPM MRA

The objective of the document is to summarise the role of Designated Institutes (DIs) within the CIPM MRA, their duties and responsibilities, as well as their interactions within national metrology systems and their NMIs. It emphasises the importance and value of DIs, acting at the same metrological level and under the same strict requirements as NMIs.

These activities are much broader in scope and conceptually different and more demanding than just calibration activities. The paper aims to facilitate the operations of DIs, designation processes at a national level, managing processes at the RMO level and interactions with BIPM and CIPM. The paper is based on existing EURAMET and BIPM documents, EURAMET questionnaires and is a compilation of current good practices and experiences of operation.

No. 2 | Role of Designated Institutes within the CIPM MRA | Version 1.1| 2015-01-14

EURAMET Procedures and Review Criteria for CMCs

This EURAMET Guidance Document specifies requirements and the procedures for reviewing calibration and measurement capabilities (CMCs) declared by National Metrology Institutes (NMIs) or Designated Institutes (DIs) being Members or Associates of EURAMET under CIPM’s Mutual Recognition Arrangement of national measurement standards and of calibration and measurement certificates issued by national metrology institutes (CIPM MRA).

New version:

No. 3 | EURAMET Procedures and Review Criteria for CMCs | Version 3.0 | 2023-02-14

Guide on Comparisons

The guide describes EURAMET specific aspects in planning, initiating and conducting inter-laboratory comparisons, with the purpose to give guidance on carrying out comparisons within EURAMET and to harmonise criteria among different Technical Committees, as far as reasonable.

No. 4 | Guide on Comparisons | Version 2.0 | 2021-04-27

Related document: G-OPS-FRM-012 Participation in EURAMET Comparisons

Former EURAMET Guides
The former EURAMET Guide No. 11 'National Metrology Infrastructure in EURAMET Member Counties - An Analysis and Recommendations' has been withdrawn. For consultation purposes the document is still available.

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