27 case studies highlight impact from industry projects

Projects within EURAMET's European Metrology Research Programmes actively engage with user communities who will benefit from the research. For the Industry EMRP projects, this includes a wide range of industrial sectors that rely on effective measurement for process control and quality assurance, and for innovation to improve productivity and business growth. Examples of the early impact of the first industry projects are highlighted in the 2-page case studies on EURAMET's website.

EMRP industry impact case studies >>

News Highlights

Successful international conference on meteorology and climate

MMC-2016, organised as part of EMRP project, facilitated communication and co-operation between metrology and meteorology communities

Photograph of the opening panel at the WMO TECO and MMC-2016 – Courtesy of INRIM
Reliable classification for the energy efficiency of solid-state lighting

Joint research projects develop an online uncertainty evaluation tool for electrical measurements of solid-state lighting (SSL) products

Light emitting diode – ©iStock.com/kellymarken
How to lead and organise Technical Committees

First ‘BIPM-EURAMET TC Leadership Course’ held in February

Participants discussing calculation of key comparison reference values with Dr Carine Michotte (BIPM)