World Metrology Day on 20 May

Every year on this date, the measurement community celebrates World Metrology Day.


This year, the focus is 'Measurement for Health' – a message that continues to be pertinent across the globe as we continue to fight against the coronavirus pandemic.


Visit our World Metrology Day theme page for news stories around measurments for health and activities from Europe's measurement science community.

News Highlights

EMPIR project delivers new methodology and standards for ultra-high voltages

Ultra-high voltages are being used in a range of fields but until recently lacked the instrumentation and standards to ensure confidence in their use ...

Gas Insulated System (GIS) developed at FFII © REE
New international standard on magnetic measurements and open access software

EMPIR project contributes to the world’s first international standard in small magnetic measurements and produces guides and software to ensure compli...

Large inductor coil
Measurement traceability for 3D printed medical implants

EMPIR project brings measurement traceability to additively manufactured medical implants that have the potential to revolutionise medicine

3D printed medical implant, Aalto University