EURAMET proposal on a new European Partnership on Metrology published

The European Commission has recently published its candidates for European Partnerships under Horizon Europe, including the proposal submitted by EURAMET.

The proposed partnership aims to develop self-sustaining, coordinated metrology infrastructures that builds and expands on the success of the European Metrology Research Programmes EMRP and EMPIR.

To read the proposal and find out more about our goals for a European Partnership on Metrology, visit our news section >>

Job Vacancy: General Secretary

EURAMET is looking for a General Secretary to develop and implement policies and strategies.
Experienced at a senior management level, the successful candidate will have a combination of broad metrology experience and senior management skills. The ability to work in a multinational organisation that serves the varying cultural needs of its members, connecting people and their different interests is important. Adept at converting ideas to concrete outcomes the successful candidate will bring into play excellent communication skills and financial experience.

Closing date for applications is Friday, 6th November 2020. Read more >>

News Highlights

EMPIR geodesy project sees early uptake of new procedure

Geodetic Observing system implements new procedure

View on the Geodetic Observatory Wettzell. The GeoMetre project developed novel algorithms for the determination of the reference points for SLR and VLBI telescopes (image: Uwe Hessels / BKG)
Software developed in EMPIR project is used to test face masks

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EMPIR project responds to COVID-19 diagnostic need

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