New European Metrology Network for Clean Energy established

Image showing solar panels and wind turbines generating renewable energy for green and sustainable future
Solar panels and wind turbines generating renewable energy for green and sustainable future

A new European Metrology Network for Clean Energy will support collaboration within Europe concerning renewable energy sources


The increasing importance of renewable energy sources

Climate change is posing a rising existential threat to the world. The European Commission is determined to overcome those challenges and has created the European Green Deal plan, part of which aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by at least 55% by 2030. Renewable energy sources, such as sunlight or wind, play an essential part in reaching these goals as the use of fossil fuels causes high greenhouse gas emissions.

EURAMET has supported the establishment of European Metrology Networks (EMNs) to increase European collaboration and foster the cooperation between academia and industry. EMNs act as a single focal point for their metrological area and support the communication between stakeholders and research and development.

There are two established EMNs that are partially working with renewable energy sources: The EMN for Energy Gases and the EMN for Smart Electricity Grids. Energy Gases supports the transition towards renewable gaseous fuels including hydrogen and biogases. Smart Electricity Grids is focused on measurement challenges regarding the modernisation of electricity grids which are highly affected by the transition to renewable energy sources. However, the metrological gaps regarding implementation of renewable energy sources are much greater than can be covered by these two EMNs.

Formation of the new European Metrology Network for Clean Energy

On 30 September 2023 the EURAMET General assembly approved the formation of a new EMN focused on Clean Energy, which will cover a range of topics including the generation, storage, conversion, and utilisation of renewable energy sources. The initial focus of the EMN will be on metrology related to the generation and utilisation of solar and wind energy, efficiency of use, and photovoltaic, wind power and temporary energy storage with electrical batteries. The EMN for Clean Energy will complement the areas of work of the EMNs for Energy Gases and Smart Electricity Grids.

The acting EMN Chair Dr João Alves e Sousa (IPQ) comments on the importance of the new EMN:

‘The European Green Deal, including green transformation of the energy infrastructure, tackling climate change and mitigating its effects, will be of highest priority for Europe in the coming decades. Linked to the Green Deal, the REPowerEU plan addresses the need to end the Union’s dependence on fossil fuels, while accelerating the energy transition and strengthening the security of supply and storage of energy.

The target of this network on Clean Energy includes the identification and collection of measurement needs and solutions through a long-term dialogue with stakeholders to inform research and other activities and the take-up of research outputs from the metrology community. It includes the cooperation with TCs and other EMNs, intends to be a central contact point in Europe to increase visibility, aims at obtaining funding for research projects beyond the Metrology Partnership, and supports direct metrological research towards stakeholder needs, and supports also emerging member states.

The EMN will focus on 3 technology areas: the generation and utilisation of solar and wind energy and energy storage. The network refers to metrological needs, meaning for instance, more accurate energy measurements, under realistic conditions, understanding of materials performance and durability, or more trustful international comparability allowing investments with lower risks. Additionally, projects on life-cycle analysis and energy efficiency analysis using better data quality and novel AI statistical tools are envisaged. The digital transition and standardisation needs will also be considered.’

In addition to the European Green Deal, the EMN’s work will also contribute to the UN sustainable development goals. Initially, the EMN will focus on generation and utilisation of renewable energy, covering topics such as the conversion of solar and wind energy into electrical energy. The EMN will also prepare for the EURAMET Green Deal Call in 2024 and identify potential research topics covering the stakeholder needs beforehand.

For further information, feel free to contact the EMN Clean Energy

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