Metrology, the sicence of measurement, plays an important role in virtually every aspect of our daily lives - sometimes obivous, somtimes as unsung hero. It supports innovation, underpins quality and efficiency, enables global trade and protects the consumer. The following video clips and podcasts show and explain how metrology and accurate measurement is involved in our lives.

A world without Metrology

What would happen if there would be no metrology? VSL, the Dutch National Metrology Institute, gives some good examples.

Metrology in Daily life

Our Duch member VSL illustrates in this video how metrology supports us in our daily life.

A universal language

The phenomenon of fundamental constants and the Quantum Hall Effect. Featuring the Nobel Prize Laureate, Klaus von Klitzing. Brought to you by the Max Planck Institute for Solid State Research.

Measurements and the global energy challenge

To celebrate the World Metrology Day 2014 our Dutch member VSL explains how metrology helps finding solutions to meet the global energy challenge.