The European Metrology Network (EMN) for Smart Electricity Grids is the single point of contact across Europe that provides stakeholders support for measurement challenges in the realisation of smart electricity grids.

Building a low-carbon, climate resilient future will require secure, clean and efficient energy. The transition towards more a sustainable energy supply has a profound effect on electricity grids – the backbone of modern society.

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  • Revenue Metering
  • Power Quality
  • Grid Monitoring and Data Analytics
  • Digital Substations
  • Instrument Transformers and Sensors
  • High-Voltage Testing
  • DC Grids and Applications
  • Efficiency


Quantum traceability for AC power standards


The power industry is transitioning to renewable sources of energy, which tend to be locally distributed. To avoid instability, poor power quality and blackouts, precise measurements are required to ensure supply matches variable demand. The primary (electrical) power is one of the electrical quantities that...

Image showing wind turbines
Image showing sunrise at a solar power plant

Standardisation of measurements for DC electricity grids

DC grids

Incumbent electricity grid infrastructures, designed when large thermal power g...

Image showing High voltage towers

Metrology for digital substation instrumentation


As the use of decentralised renewable energy grows, so too does the need for re...