Please find below selected joint research projects from EURAMET's European Metrology Research Programmes (EMRP and EMPIR) that are related to Smart Electricity Grids:

Current projects

Image showing wind turbines

Quantum traceability for AC power standards


The power industry is transitioning to renewable sources of energy, which tend to be locally distributed. To avoid instability, poor power quality and...

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Image showing sunrise at a solar power plant

Standardisation of measurements for DC electricity grids

DC grids

Incumbent electricity grid infrastructures, designed when large thermal power generation, distributed by alternating current, was the norm, effectivel...

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Image showing High voltage towers

Metrology for digital substation instrumentation


As the use of decentralised renewable energy grows, so too does the need for real-time control and monitoring of energy networks. Renewable sources ar...

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Image showing an Artist's concept of the internet of things

Towards a true 8-digit digitiser


Manufacturing, medical diagnostics, energy and environmental protection all employ sensors that measure phenomena by converting it into an analogue si...

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Completed projects

Metrology for Smart Electrical Grids


This EMRP project made significant advances in creating a metrology infrastructure for monitoring stability and quality of supply of smart electrical ...

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Metrology for High Voltage Direct Current


High voltage direct current (HVDC) transmission systems are a key tool in extending the capacity of electricity grids and integrating sustainable ener...

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Measurement tools for Smart Grid stability and quality

SmartGrid II

To help meet European emission reduction goals, vastly increased renewable power generation capacity will be needed, necessitating considerable change...

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Image showing a large empty CT scanner

Techniques for ultra-high voltage and very fast transients


Ultra-high voltages (UHV) are used in a range of sectors, from medical imaging to the electrical network. However, many applications lacked the pre-no...

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