EURAMET brings together institutes in Europe who maintain national measurement standards. 

Designated Institutes in the frame of the CIPM MRA are invited to become associates of EURAMET. This gives them the right to participate in the related activities organised by EURAMET such as key and supplementary comparisons and review of QMS and CMCs.

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Who can become a EURAMET Member or Associate?

Members (M) of EURAMET

  • National Metrology Institutes (NMIs) of member states of the European Union and of the European Free Trade Association
  • NMIs of other European states, fulfilling the following criteria:
    • traceability routes to the SI identified and in operation for the last three years
    • participation in international comparisons
    • participation in EURAMET projects

Only one NMI per state can join EURAMET as member.
Each member has one vote in the General Assembly.


  • NMIs applying for membership (A-CA)
  • Designated Institutes from states with a member (A-DI)

Associates can participate in the EURAMET activities (EURAMET-projects, TC-work, CIPM-MRA), but have no voting right.