Technical Committee for Photometry and Radiometry

The Technical Committee of Photometry and Radiometry is concerned with national standards and measuring methods in the field of optical radiation, including radiometry, photometry, colorimetry, spectrophotometry, fluorometry and fibre optics. Examples of activites are:

  • primary realisation the optical power scale by cryogenic radiometers, high power black body radiators and quantum optical effects (f.e. two photon metrology),
  • realisation and dissemination of the radiometrical scales (f.e. laser and LED power, UV and IR radiation, spectral responsivity of detectors, spectral radiance / irradiance of sources),
  • realisation and dissemination of photometrical scales (luminous intensity, illuminance, luminance, luminous flux),
  • realisation and dissemination of colorimetrical and spectrophotometrical scales (spectral diffuse reflection, spectral diffuse transmittance, etc),
  • realisation of the relevant units for the optical fibre domain (fibre optical power, attenuation, wavelength, chromatic dispersion, polarisation mode dispersion (PMD).

  Further activities include:

  • initiation and conducting of international comparisons of radiometrical, photometrical and fibre optical quantities,
  • harmonisation of the declaration of the calibration and measurement capabilities (CMC).

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