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Technical Committee for Interdisciplinary Metrology

General metrological issues cutting across all technical fields are subject of the Technical Committee for Interdisciplinary Metrology (TC-IM). In particular it provides:

  • A forum to discuss the issues arising from the CIPM-MRA to support the TC Quality, the Board of Directors and the General Assembly
  • A forum to support the planning of EURAMET metrological research in particular in areas which do not fall naturally within the remit of another Technical Committee
  • A place to develop foresight studies and prioritisation methods for the direct benefit of the NMIs as well as for joint European coordination for metrology
  • A forum to support the development and implementation of EURAMET’s strategy for digital transformation via the activities of the working group Metrology for Digital Transformation

In addition, TC-IM can coordinate projects proposed by the Chairperson, the Contact Persons of TC-IM, the Board of Directors or the General Assembly.

Terms of Reference

TC Chair

Robert Gunn
NPL (United Kingdom)

TC-IM News

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