Research & Innovation

The science of measurement – metrology – is vital for scientific research, trade and industry, and our daily lives. Modern society could not function without it.

EURAMET coordinates metrology research across Europe to provide the high accuracy, low uncertainty measurements needed both now and in the future. Three research programmes are currently bringing together world-class measurement expertise in a series of targeted projects:

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How to get involved

To participate in EURAMET's research programmes as a researcher, company, organisation or institute, and to submit proposals for new projects, please visit:

  • Metrology Partnership Participant Portal
    • submit ideas for metrology research in response to a Stage 1 Call
    • submit project proposals in response to a Stage 2 Call
    • register as an expert to help EURAMET evaluate proposals
    • read guides to the call, evaluation, negotiation and reporting processes


Why measurement?

Reliable measurements support the development of nano, quantum and bio technologies and help society meet grand challenges relating to health, energy, security and climate. Measurements ensure global markets remain fair and transparent, and companies developing new products and services rely on measurements of their quantity, quality and performance to help commercialise them.

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