Training Material

Here you can find a selection of training material.
For an overview of further training material, please contact EURAMET's Capacity Building Officer, Tanasko Tasic.

Please note that the material is copyrighted to the authors (lecturers), who therefore hold the exclusive rights to it. It is provided to you as reading material and for guidance in your work. You may also use this material for internal training purposes, as long as due reference is made to the author and his/her institutional affiliation. By downloading any of the documents you confirm that you have read and agreed with the copyright information. 

Technical training

Training on determination of hydraulic pressure, Belgrade, Serbia 2017
Training material (zip file)

Training on testing breath alcohol analysers, Tirana, Albania 2016
Training Material (zip file - 6 MB)

Training on Time and Frequency Dissemination In Packet - Oriented Networks, Belgrade, Serbia, 2015
Training Material (zip file - 11 MB)

Training on Applications of gamma-ray spectrometry to environmental samples, Belgrade, Serbia, 2012
Training Material (zip file)

Metrology systems training

EURAMET - BIPM Training on review of quality management systems, Madrid 2017
Training Material >>

BIPM – EURAMET TC Leadership Course, BIPM, Sèvres, February, 2017
Training Material >>

Training and Workshop on Principles of Strategic Managment, Belgrade. Serbia, 2016
Training Material (zip file)

Training and Workshop on Principles of Strategic Managment, Belgrade, Serbia, 2014/2015
Training Material (zip file)

Training on Implementation of MID and New Legislative Framework, Zagreb, Croatia, 2014
Training Material (zip file)

Workshop on CIPM MRA, Skopje, FYR Macedonia, 2011
Training material (zip file)

Training on Measurement Uncertainty
Training Material Tirana 2010 (zip file)
Training Material Sarajevo 2010 (zip file)

EMRP / EMPIR Training

Training on drafting proposals (PRT, JRP, SIP and RMG) for EMPIR, Tres Cantos, Spain, 2016
Training Material >>

Workshop on delivering impact in EMRP/EMPIR projects, Istanbul, Turkey, 2016
Training material (zip file - 6 MB)