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External Training Resources

Here you find a selection of external training resources from EURAMET NMIs and DIs.

Institute Language Training E-Learning Material
CEM, Spain Spanish   Aula virtual

Documentos de interés

Revista Espanola de Metrologia

DTI, Denmark Danish Kurser i kalibrering og maleteknik    
  English Measurement and Metrology Courses    
  English Company Course in Geometric Tolerances    
METAS, Switzerland German Metrologiekurse    
  French Cours de métrologie    
  English Metrology courses    
NEL, UK English NEL, Training Courses    
NPL, UK English Delivering Measurement Skills NPL e-Learning Programme NPL Guides
NSAI, Ireland English Training & Seminars    
VSL, The Netherlands English Calibration Training    
BEV, Austria German Seminare    

Please note:
Linkage to external training resources has been prepared by EURAMET to the best of its knowledge and only provides access to external contents of EURAMET NMIs and DIs. EURAMET is not liable for any damage which occurs due to the use or disuse of offered information.