White Paper: Metrology for a stronger Europe

A European Metrology Agenda for the next decade

EURAMET is the Regional Metrology Organisation for Europe, securing world-wide trust and acceptance of European measurements. Metrology, the science of measurement, underpins all domains of science, technology and innovation, and is a key enabler for a modern, healthy society and business.

The White Paper outlines the EURAMET vision of a European Metrology Agenda for the decade 2030 to 2040. It calls for a coordinated European metrology response building on the needs arising from the transition of the energy supply, protection of the environment, a strong, sovereign, and competitive European industry, digital transformation, circular economy, developments of the health system, and resilience of European infrastructures.

The 10-page-paper provides background information on the long-term collaboration of Europe's metrology community and its benefits to the European citizens; it identifies four key areas: Green Deal, Competitive and resilient industry, Health and Cohesion and infrastructure; and discusses how needs in these areas can be tackled by a coordinated metrology response.