Towards secure, sustainable energy

The European Union aims to produce over 32 % of its energy needs from renewable sources by 2030 to reduce carbon-dioxide emissions. The introduction of the Energy Union strategy, supported by directives and regulations that address all aspects of the energy supply chain, and measures to reduce energy consumption at point of use, has made Europe a world leader in this field. This strategy focuses efforts on sustainable and secure energy supplies, methods to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and increasing the competitiveness of European industries.

Maintaining Europe’s leading position requires the continuous development of new technologies alongside the ongoing use of conventional energy generation. This raises challenges in maintaining the stability of the electricity supply grid.  EURAMET research has contributed to advances in measurements that support the introduction of new energy sources as well the efficient operation of conventional power plants and potential next generation nuclear power.

The energy projects funded under the EURAMET research programmes, EMRP and EMPIR, have brought together research groups from metrology institutes, academia, and industry to work collaboratively. These address some of the measurement challenges associated with the better quantification of parameters across the entire energy chain, from generation, transmission and eventual consumption. The EMRP projects have been completed, and highlights are available here. The EMPIR energy theme projects are in progress and will be completed in 2023.

Energy Impact Report

The aim of the EMRP Energy themes I and II was to develop the measurement infrastructure to support Europe’s sustainable energy goals. The metrological research focused on technologies and metrological research that supported reduced greenhouse gasses, a secure, sustainable and affordable energy system whilst increasing the competitiveness of Europe's industries. This report outlines the key technical achievements and details the new measurement capabilities developed as a result of the collaborations within these energy themed projects.

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