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Calibration Guidelines

EURAMET has published calibration guidelines to improve harmonisation in the calibration of measuring instruments.

All guidelines are listed below according to their technical area and are available for download as PDF version.

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Metrology in Chemistry

TC-MC has not developed Calibration Guides. Several guidance documents have been published by Eurachem. They can be downloaded from the Eurachem website under:


No. 1 | Calibration of Stylus Instruments for Measuring Surface Roughness | TC-L
The Guide is no longer available. TC-L recommends the use of DKD-R 4.

No. 5 | Coordinate Measuring Machine Calibration | TC-L
The Guide is no longer available. Superseded by ISO 10360 series: Geometrical Product Specifications (GPS) - Acceptance and reverification tests for coordinate measuring machines (CMM).

No. 9 | Measurement and Generation of Small AC Voltages with Inductive Voltage Divider | TC-EM
The Guide has been withdrawn since it was outdated and no longer used.

Please note:
The calibration guides were originally published by EAL Committee 2 (Calibration and Testing activities). They have been revised and re-published by the corresponding EURAMET Technical Committees (TC). The copyright of all guides is held by © EURAMET e.V. 2007.

Further information:

For further information and to suggest topics for new guidelines, please contact the EURAMET Secretariat or the TC Chair of the corresponding EURAMET Technical Committee.

Conditions for the translation of EURAMET documents
EURAMET e.V. holds the copyright of all documents presented on this page. The EURAMET Secretariat may give permission for the translation.

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