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Focus Topic: Capacity Building

Building on the capacity of measurement institutes across Europe

One of EURAMET’s primary goals is to support a well-balanced and stable metrology system for Europe. To achieve this, EURAMET has continually and actively encouraged cooperation and the sharing of knowledge between its member states; particularly from well-resourced and more established National Metrology Institutes (NMIs), to those at far earlier stages of their development.

Since 2011, EURAMET’s capacity building strategy has taken shape through an increased focus on activities like research potential projects, training courses and researcher mobility grants - with a view to improving the research and operational capabilities of its new, emerging member institutes. Explore our Capacity Building page to learn about the achievements of this initiative, as well as the ongoing measures, the people behind it, and how to get involved.

Success stories

Metrology for Capacity Building - Interview with Paul Hetherington
To oversee its capacity building objectives, EURAMET has established a Board of Directors Working Group for Capacity Building. A long-time member of the working group, Paul Hetherington, has been recently appointed as its new convenor. Read more >>

New measurement capabilities result from EURAMET Research Potential projects
EURAMET Research Potential projects have focused on extending the research capacity of emerging European metrology institutes. Through the development of instrumentation, calibration services and measurement standards, these projects have helped several institutes to develop their metrological expertise in accordance with specific stakeholder requirements. Read more >>

EMPIR Capacity Building project enables analysis of environmental materials
To determine the benefits of implementing differing environmental policies, various climate-related indicators need to be measured and tracked accurately. As part of EURAMET’s capacity building strategy, a recently completed EMPIR project has developed new analysis methods for monitoring the levels of organic and inorganic pollutants present in water and soil. These results will advance pollutant monitoring capabilities in several participating European countries. Read more >>

EMPIR Capacity Building project supports a stable energy supply for Europe
Measurements of electrical power and power quality are essential for creating a stable energy supply. An EMPIR research potential project has improved the measurement traceability of these critical quantities, to connect them more concretely to the fundamental system of units that governs measurement worldwide (the SI units). Project results will contribute to a smoother transition to renewable energy sources for Europe. Read more >>

EMPIR project builds capacity in AC quantum voltage standards across Europe
Quantum effects play a critical role in the definition of SI electrical units. While many institutes already have quantum standards for electrical applications, there is still an industry need to improve and extend these. Bringing together leading European NMIs in this field, EMPIR project ‘14RPT01 (ACQ-PRO)’ has expanded current research activities into AC quantum voltage metrology.

EMPIR Capacity Building project enables calibration of automatic weighing machines
Widely used for determining mass, automatic weighing instruments are much more effective and efficient than their non-automatic counterparts. However, until now, calibration methods for the automatic instruments have been poorly defined. An EMPIR Capacity Building project has worked to increase expertise, among new EURAMET member states, of automatic weighing machines and their associated metrology requirements. Learn more >>

EMPIR Capacity Building project enables improved thermal metrology in Europe
European manufacturing processes are greatly dependent on the ability of industry professionals to measure a material’s thermal properties. By improving a wide-range of thermal measurement facilities within newer and emerging NMIs, the EMPIR project ‘14RPT05 (Eura-Thermal)’ has contributed to the development of a balanced and coherent metrology landscape for Europe. Find out more >>

EMPIR Capacity Building project improves measurement of humidity in Europe
Humidity measurements affect essential, everyday processes like indoor ventilation and the storage of pharmaceuticals. An EMPIR project within EURAMET’s Capacity Building strategy has improved humidity measurement methods to meet the needs of key stakeholders - including calibration and test laboratories, pharmaceutical companies and gas energy industries. To find out more about the project’s achievements in humidity metrology, see the full story >>

Countries lead three EMPIR Capacity Building projects for the first time
For the first time, three new EURAMET member states are leading EMPIR Capacity Building projects to meet specific and vital measurement needs. The national metrology institutes of these states have pooled together their resources to develop their collective capabilities for measuring liquids, digital technology-related parameters, and electrical impedance. Read more >>

EURAMET Research Potential Projects enable new countries to join EMPIR research
As part of EURAMET’s Capacity Building strategy, research potential projects have been established to support member states with the development of basic, but essential, metrology expertise. Many new countries are leading EMPIR research potential projects for the first time ever, demonstrating the huge success of this knowledge transfer initiative. See the full story >>

EURAMET training courses develop metrology expertise across Europe
Since its launch, EURAMET’s EMPIR capacity building programme has provided metrology institutes with several opportunities to develop their research skills. At present, EURAMET continues to organise knowledge transfer and training courses to build the human and institutional capacities of emerging and developing NMIs/DIs around Europe. Read more >>

Dedicated working group set up to support EURAMET’s capacity building strategy
To facilitate EURAMET's Capacity Building strategy, a dedicated working group under the auspice of the Board of Directors has been established. This group is working to carry out various capacity building measures, encourage institute participation in EURAMET activities, and promote the transfer of knowledge between NMI/DIs - supporting all of EURAMET's member states to develop a balanced and coherent metrology landscape for Europe.

Six guides for radio frequency and microwave measurements now available
Research Potential projects under EURAMET have been set up to help participating organisations develop basic expertise in metrological research – particularly in areas of high national and regional priority. One such project has worked to advance capabilities for power measurements, primarily through the publication of several, freely-available, best practice guides.

EURAMET’s newest member is now involved in three EMPIR projects
Moldova is one of EURAMET’s most recently participating member states. Despite this, it has already joined three Research Potential projects under EURAMET’s EMPIR programme – with the purpose of increasing coordination and interaction with more developed measurement institutes across Europe. Read more >> 

Improving traceability of medical and radiation protection dosimetry in Belgium
Radiation protection is a central element of healthcare systems around the world, particularly as ionising radiation continues to be used daily in hospitals for diagnostic imaging and radiotherapy treatments. Like many other European countries, Belgium does not have its own standards for measuring radiation dosage – a critical need that an EMPIR Capacity Building project has worked to address. Read more >>