Flow metering of renewable gases (biogas, biomethane, hydrogen, syngas and mixtures with natural gas)

Short Name: NEWGASMET, Project Number: 18NRM06
Image of a Biogas plant
Biogas plant

Investigating gas flow meter accuracy for compliance with the EU Measuring Instruments Directive

Renewable gases such as biogas and hydrogen are increasingly available within Europe's distribution networks, alongside natural gas. Operators and users of the grid expect the same measurement accuracy as with natural gas, for correctly billed commercial transactions. Commercially available gas meters are subject to the EU Measuring Instruments Directive (MID), but compliance is based on measurements only validated for natural gas.


This project has assessed renewable gas flow measurements using commercially available meters already validated for use with natural gas. Instrumentation has been assessed under typical renewable gas usage, to investigate the effects on measurement accuracy, costs and meter lifetime, with gas composition suitably defined for test purposes. SI-traceable type testing and verification procedures will be developed to demonstrate flow meter accuracy and durability for MID compliance.

Standards bodies will be offered the use of the results to improve gas measurement harmonisation, to build confidence in the accuracy of metered transactions for the European energy gas market.


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Other Participants
Elster GmbH (Germany)
Enagás, S.A. (Spain)
Fundacion para el desarrollo de las nuevas tecnologias del Hidrogeno en Aragon (Spain)
GRTgaz (France)
Innovhub - Stazioni Sperimentali per L'industria s.r.l (Italy)
ITRON GMBH (Germany)
SICK Engineering GmbH (Germany)