The list shows all projects coordinated within the Technical Committee for Metrology in Chemistry.

Projects TC-MC

Subject Reg. No. Starting TITLE Coordinating Institute Status Collaboration Type KCDB
MC 1621 2024-04-22 Supplementary comparison for critical elements in Li-ion battery black mass LNE in progress Comparison
MC 1619 2024-02-01 Key comparison on Borate Buffer GUM in progress Comparison EURAMET.QM-K19.2018
MC 1618 2024-03-01 Bilateral comparison of analytical capabilities for nitrogen dioxide (NO2) gas mixtures LNE in progress Comparison
MC 1609 2023-03-01 Ongoing consultation between NPL and NIST NPL ongoing Consultation
MC 1564 2022-08-01 Bilateral comparison: Calibration of conductivity probe in low conductivity range (20 µS/cm and 100 µS/cm) PTB completed Comparison
MC 1521 2021-12-01 Supplementary comparison of "Measurement of PAHs in Protein Matrix" METAS in progress Comparison EURAMET.QM-S15
MC 1503 2021-05-01 Key comparison automotive exhaust gases VSL completed Comparison EURAMET.QM-K3.2019
MC 1498 2020-03-01 Comparison of 100 µmol/mol HCl in N2 PTB completed Comparison
MC 1480 2020-02-03 Comparison for particle number concentration up to 500'000 cm-3 PTB concluded Comparison
MC 1471 2019-04-01 Supplementary comparison of value assigned forensic alcohol in water reference materials LNE in progress Comparison EURAMET.QM-S13
MC 1470 2019-04-01 Supplementary comparison of measurement capabilities for the quantification of ethanol in water BAM completed Comparison EURAMET.QM-S14
MC 1462 2018-11-01 Electrolytic conductivity at pure water level PTB completed Comparison EURAMET.QM-S12
MC 1455 2018-12-01 Comparison on determination of gold content in white alloy IMBiH in progress Comparison
MC 1453 2018-03-01 Comparison for particle number concentration up to 2P/cm3 METAS completed Comparison
MC 1424 2017-06-01 Supplementary comparison on Determination of Elements in River Water UME completed Comparison EURAMET.QM-S11
MC, T 1400 2016-04-27 Moisture metrology development NPL ongoing Research
MC 1377 2015-06-26 Comparison measurement for the validation of the developed methods for Al and Mo PTB completed Comparison
MC 1371 2015-06-01 Key comparison 1000 µmol/mol propane in nitrogen VSL concluded Comparison
MC 1370 2015-04-01 Determination of gold in jewellery alloy IMBiH completed Comparison
MC 1351 2014-10-01 Determination of transferrin in human serum PTB completed Comparison
MC 1329 2014-07-01 Sulfur dioxide (SO2) in synthetic air LNE completed Comparison
MC 1305 2014-03-01 VSL-NPL bilateral comparisons in emerging fields of gas analysis NPL completed Comparison
MC 1293 2014-02-01 Comparison of preparation and analytical capabilities for gas mixtures containing C6-C10 hydrocarbons in methane NPL concluded Comparison
MC 1290 2014-02-01 Key comparison 1000 µmol/mol propane in nitrogen VSL completed Comparison EURAMET.QM-K111
MC 1282 2013-10-01 Comparison of condensation particle counters NPL completed Comparison
MC 1280 2014-03-01 Establishing equivalence of TILSAM and gravimetry-based analytical capabilities (EETGRAC) PTB concluded Comparison
MC 1274 2013-04-15 Supplementary comparison of preparative capabilities for automotive gas mixtures SMU completed Comparison EURAMET.QM-S10
MC 1271 2013-02-06 Electrolytic conductivity at pure water level RISE completed Comparison EURAMET.QM-S7
MC 1261 2013-02-01 Follow-up study on electrolytic conductivity measurements of bioethanol PTB concluded Research
MC 1258 2013-02-01 Guidelines for setting up and reviewing CMCs in gas analysis VSL concluded Research
MC 1255 2011-10-01 Analytical comparison of coal mine methane BAM concluded Comparison
MC 1244 2013-03-01 Comparison of aerosol electrometers NPL completed Comparison
MC 1220 2013-08-01 Analysis of trace-level impurities in hydrogen NPL completed Comparison
MC 1212 2012-01-01 Comparison on natural gases SMU completed Comparison EURAMET.QM-S9
MC 1202 2011-10-01 Study on electrolytic conductivity measurements of bioethanol PTB completed Comparison
MC 1195 2011-08-01 Comparison of preparation analytical capabilities for liquified hydrocarbon mixtures in constant pressure (piston) cylinders NPL completed Comparison EURAMET.QM-S6
MC 1192 2011-09-01 Comparison on tubes loaded with BTEX LNE completed Comparison
MC 1185 2011-01-31 Determination of Se-Met in human serum PTB completed Comparison
MC 1183 2011-04-12 Comparison of analytical capabilities for nitrogen monoxide in nitrogen at ambient levels (450 nmol/mol) NPL completed Comparison EURAMET.QM-K26.a
MC 1182 2011-04-12 Preparative comparison of ethanol in air CRMs NPL concluded Comparison
MC 1176 2011-03-01 Key comparison on the determination of creatinine in serum LGC completed Comparison EURAMET.QM-K12
MC 1166 2010-11-01 Comparison on Carbon dioxide mixtures in nitrogen IPQ completed Comparison EURAMET.QM-S5
MC 1165 2010-11-01 Ion activity measurement of Na+, K+, Ca2+, Mg2+ and Cl- in water based mixed electrolyte samples METAS completed Comparison
MC 1113 2009-05-01 Comparison on automotive emission gases VSL completed Comparison EURAMET.QM-S4
MC 1112 2009-06-01 Comparison on mixtures of ethanol in water-saturated air PTB completed Comparison
MC 1092 2010-11-01 Complementary comparison on ethanol in nitrogen VSL completed Comparison EURAMET.QM-K4.1
MC 1089 2008-06-01 Comparison of NO in N2 (600 to 850 10-9 mol/mol) expressed in amount fraction units JRC-Geel completed Comparison
MC 1084 2009-06-01 Bilateral comparison of standards of CO (in N2), NO (in N2), NO2 (in air) and SO2 (in air) at ambient levels. NPL completed Comparison
MC 1080 2007-11-01 Bilateral comparison of CO2 in N2 and air at automotive emission level INRIM completed Comparison
MC 1051 2008-07-14 Comparison of measurement of pH in 1:3,5 phosphate buffer DFM completed Comparison
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