Analytical comparison of coal mine methane

Project Description

As the European natural gas resources are dwindling, new 'non-conventional' energy gases are being introduced into gas networks. Accurate and traceable measurements of these gases are required to ensure that their composition is within set limits for the 'interchangeability' of gases in pipeline networks. One non-conventional gas in plenty supply in Europe is coal mine methane, which is gas emitted from exposed coal in worked coal seams.
This proposal is for an analytical comparison of synthetic coal mine methane with a composition selected to be represented of that found in European mines. The nominal composition of the mixture is:

Nitrogen: 169 mmol/mol
Oxygen: 5 mmol/mol
Carbon dioxide: 173 mmol/mol
Ethane: 8.5 mmol/mol
Propane: 0.785 mmol/mol
i-butane: 0.1085 mmol/mol
n-butane: 0.0575 mmol/mol
i-pentane: 0.017 mmol/mol
n-pentane: 0.0075 mmol/mol
Methane: 643.5 mmol/mol

Final Report

The project was cancelled due to lack of progress.

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