Electrolytic conductivity at pure water level

Project Description

This Round Robin comparison shall investigate the equivalence of cell constant calibration of a pure water conductivity senor in the conductivity range 0.055 µS/cm to 50 µS/cm at 25 °C. To this end, the sensor has to be integrated in a closed pure water flow through system. Electrolytic conductivity of the water has to be measured. The water will serve as transferstandard to calibrate the cell constant of a commercial sensor, which will be the actual measurand. Alternatively participants may use a non-aqueous reference solution. The sensor will be provided by PTB.
This comparison is a follow up of the EURAMET Project 1271 "Electrolytic conductivity at pure water level". Compared to that comparison the conductivity range is extended, new labs will participate and some will participate with new measurement systems. It is also registered as an SC in the KCDB.

Final Report 2021-04-08

The comparison has been completed and results are published in the KCDB.

Progress Report 2020-03-11

The Round-Robin measurements have been completed. The conductivity measurement device has returned to its origin (PTB). However, DFM has reported problems during the measurements that have been revealed only afterwards. Thus, the device will be sent to DFM again. Afterwards, presumably end of March/beginning of April, the results will be evaluated and a Draft A report will be prepared.

Metrology in Chemistry (MC)
Coordinating Institute
PTB (Germany)
Further Partners
NIM (China)
NIMT (Thailand)
VNIIM (Russia)
INMETRO (Brazil)