Preparative comparison of ethanol in air CRMs

Project Description

Standard gas mixtures of ethanol in air are used across the EU to calibrate evidential breath alcohol analysers. Traceability for these gas mixtures is provided by the dissemination of CRMs from NMIs.

A key comparison (CCGM-K4) of standard gas mixtures of ethanol in air was coordinated by NPL for the CCQM in 1999/2000. This comparison involved the preparation of 8 standard mixtures at 120 umol/mol and dissemination of them to the participating NMIs for analysis. Subsequently, a round of the key comparison (EURO.QM-K4) was organised by NPL for 6 NMIs in the EUROMET region. (Since then, two linked comparisons have been organised by APMP). In 2009/10 a comparison (EURAMET 1092) was coordinated by VSL for NPL, CEM and two NMIs outside EURAMET (NMISA and VNIIM).

This proposal is for a preparative comparison of ethanol/air mixtures. This will test the capabilities of NMIs to prepare and certify CRMs of this type. At present, 5 NMIs in EURAMET have CMCs for the preparation of this type of CRM.

Progress Report 2012-12-21

This comparison has now been withdrawn as it has been superseded by CCQM-K93.

Further Information

Participants will be required to prepare an ethanol/air CRM at a specified target amount fraction close to 120 umol/mol. Participants will pay the cost of shipping the mixture to the coordinating laboratory (NPL). The coordinating laboratory will pay the cost of returning the mixture.

Metrology in Chemistry (MC)
Andrew S. Brown, NPL (United Kingdom)
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