Key comparison automotive exhaust gases

Project Description

Comparison on automotive exhaust gases.

Final Report 2023-11-20

The comparison has been completed and results are available in the KCDB.

Progress Report 2023-02-23

The re-verification of the gas mixtures is finished. The Draft A report was finished in April 2022 and the Draft B report is under revision. The final report can only be finished after completion of the key comparison, as the like between the EURAMET RMO comparison and the key comparison has to be included.

The coordination of the project was handed over to J.van Wijk (VSL) from E. Zalewska.

Progress Report 2022-06-30

The mixtures have returned at VSL and the re-verification is planned.

The project coordination has been handed over to E. Zalewska (VSL) from R. Ziel (VSL).

Progress Report 2020-10-26

The comparison has not started yet due to delays caused by Covid-19. Dispatch of the mixtures according to the schedule is planned on December 2020 but since the cylinders from CCQM-K3 have been not returned yet, it will be difficult to reach that deadline.