EMRP Joint Research Projects linked to Ionising Radiation

The following EMRP Joint Research Projects are linked to Ionising Radiation:

MetroFission: Metrology for New Generation Nuclear Power Plants, Coordinator: Lena Johansson (NPL, UK), 12 partners
MetroMetal: Measuring radiation in scrap metals, Coordinator Eduardo Garcia-Toraño CIEMAT, Spain, 14 partners
MetroRWM, Metrology for radioactive waste management, Coordinator Petr Kovar CMI, Czech Republic, 13 partners
MRI safety, Metrology for new generation safety standards and equipment in MRI, Coordinator Bernd Ittermann, PTB, Germany, 3 partners
MetrExtRT, Metrology for radiotherapy using complex radiation fields, Coordinator Jean-Marc Bordy CEA, France, 10 partners
MetroMRT, Metrology for Molecular Radiotherapy, Coordinator Vere Smyth NPL, UK, 14 partners
BioQuaRT, Biologically weighted quantities in radiotherapy, Coordinator Hans Rabus, PTB, Germany, 7 partners
MetroNORM, Metrology for processing materials with high natural radioactivity, Coordinator Franz Josef Maringer, BEV, Austria
MetroDECOM, Metrology for Decommissioning of Nuclear Plants, Jiri Šurán (CMI) Czech Republic, 14 partners, ENV54
MetroERM, Metrology for Early Warning Networks, Stefan Neumaier, (PTB) Germany, 13 partners, ENV57


EMPIR Joint Research Projects linked to Ionising Radiation

The following EMPIR Joint Research Projects are linked to Ionising Radiation:

RTNORM, kQ factors in modern external beam radiotherapy applications to update IAEA TRS-398
MetroDECOM II, In Situ Metrology for Decommissioning Nuclear Facilities, Simon Jerome (NPL, UK), 16ENV09
MetroRADON, Metrology for Radon Monitoring, Hannah Wiedner (BEV, Austria), 16ENV10
Preparedness, Metrology for Mobile Detection of Ionising Radiation Following a Nuclear or Radiological Incident, Stefan Neumaier (PTB, Germany), 16ENV04
Absorb, Absorbed dose in water and air, Jean Marc Bordy (LNE-LNHB, France), 14RPT04
Digital Standard, Standard for Digital Data Format for Nuclear Instrumentation, John Keightley (NPL, UK), 14SIP07
PerfusImaging, Metrology for Multi-Modality Imaging of Impaired Tissue Perfusion, Tobias Schäffter (PTB, Germany), 15HLT05
MRTDosimetry, Metrology for clinical implementation of dosimetry in molecular radiotherapy, Steven Judge (NPL, UK), 15HLT06
MRgRT, Metrology for MR guided RadioTherapy, Jacco de Pooter (VSL, The Netherlands), 15HLT08
MetroBeta, Radionuclide beta spectra metrology, Mark Kellett (LNE-LNHB, France), 15SIB10