Implementing QSs in the NMIs of EUROMET members, compliant with ISO/IEC 17025 and consistent with requirements of CIPM's MRA

Project Description

The project "QS-Forum" has the following focus points:
Aim is to have presentations on their QS from all EUROMET NMIs before the end of 2002

  • Will meet regularly
  • Members: NMI nominees, others with a particular specific interest: e.g. INTMET members, specialist members or observers by invitation of the Chairman in consultation with members of the group
  • Presentation of QS by several NMIs at each meeting. The host NMI could arrange laboratory visits to see its quality system
  • Discussion on how organisations do things, especially in relation to ISO/IEC 17025
  • Provide comment and feedback to members and NMIs
  • Share and recommend best practice for ISO/IEC 17025 implementation

All attendees pay their costs (travel, accommodation and food).
The chairperson must be a contact person of INTMET.

Final Report 2007-04-10

From the starting date (Nov 2000) to Nov 2001 this project was coordinated by M. Plantenga (NMi). Since Dec 2001, it was coordinated by A. Sacconi (IMGC, now INRIM). In addition to original Partners, all EUROMET members have participated very actively.
This project was operated by the Quality System-Forum (QS-F), established in 1999 as a sub-committee of the TC-IM (IntMet). During the period 2000-2001, it was partially funded by the INITIATION project, a thematic network under the “Growth” Programme of the 5th FP.

This project was closed on 25 May 2005, when the QS-Forum was transformed - with continuity of operations and structures - into the EUROMET TC-Q by the 19th GA of Varna.

Reports on the periodic advancements of the QS-Forum activities were regularly presented at each EUROMET GA and at the JCRB meetings.

During this project, the QS-Forum:

  • Coordinated all EUROMET activities concerning the Quality Management System (QMS) of participating NMIs/DIs
  • Supported the implementation of QMS by NMIs/DIs in conformity to the relevant ISO standards (through recommendations, feedback to NMIs and workshops)
  • Reviewed oral and written presentations
  • Provided formal acknowledgement (reported to the EUROMET Chair) of completeness of presentations and confidence in the QMSs
  • Founded the basis for the establishment of the TC-Quality.

This project was extremely successful, up to 2005, the QS-F:

  • Held 12 meetings (each made of a Steering Committee and a Plenary meeting)
  • Collected data from 32 countries (plus the EC) from about 100 NMIs/DIs,
  • Collected presentations from 30 members or applicants
  • Approved the QMS of 91 NMIs/Dis from 29 members.

In addition to a number of internal documents (guidelines, presentations by NMIs, status of review tables, CMC coverage reports, etc.), many publications and presentation at conferences and workshops were issued and delivered.