Metrology - in short, third edition

Project Description

1st edition of ‘Metrology – in short’ was EUROMET project 595, funded by CEN-TCU. 2nd edition of ‘Metrology – in short’ was EUROMET project 673, funded by the MetroTrade and RegMet projects under the EU FP5 GROWTH-programme.“Metrology - in short" 3rd edition, is a booklet describing the metrological infrastructure i.e. the technical and organisational structures and terminology behind the European legal, industrial and scientific metrology, linked to the international metrological infrastructure including other regional metrology organisations and CIPM-MRA (mutual recognition).Compared to “Metrology - in short" 2nd edition, this 3rd edition focuses on the enlarged European infrastructure with the new EU member states and will also include short examples of how metrology impacts on the outside world. Other focus points are to link the booklet with electronic media, including support to easy updating of the electronic "Metrology - in short" on the EURAMET homepage, and links to national editions of Metrology - in short. The 3rd edition will also be available as a downloadable pdf file.Target groups:are users of metrology in industry, government and regulatory authorities, commerce, educational and research institutions. The booklet aims to provide an explanation of metrology in broad terms to users who are not specialists in the field.Objectives:

  • to increase the awareness and understanding of metrology, and its benefits
  • to provide a practical and easy-to-use tool for people working with metrology
  • to establish a common metrological frame of reference in Europe
  • to provide links to metrological networks with the aim of increasing the transparency of metrological knowledge and avoiding unnecessary technical barriers to trade

1. Determination of the structure and content of the 3rd edition of Metrology - in short
2. Drafting new text, including updating text from the 2nd edition
3. Reviewing and editing
4. Printing the booklet and generation of the electronic version
5. Distribution
6. Reporting

a) the booklet "Metrology - in short", 3rd edition in English, 64 pages, size A5, 10.000 copies.
Supplementary publishing on CD can be considered.
b) "Metrology - in short", 3rd edition in English, as a pdf file.
c) Distribution of the booklet to the EURAMET member states, the EC and EURAMET corresponding organisations.

Note: This project is partly funded by iMERA

Further Information

September 2007: Project starts,

December 2007: Booklet ready for printing

December 2007: Pdf version of booklet available

March 2008: End of project

Interdisciplinary Metrology (IM)
Preben Howarth, DFM (Denmark)
Coordinating Institute
DFM (Denmark)