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Metrology - in short, fourth edition

Update of the publication "Metrology - in short" (third edition, 2008)

1. Determination of the structure and content of the 4th edition of Metrology - in short
2. Drafting new text, including updating text from the 3rd edition
3. Reviewing and editing (incl. new photos in co-operation with Anne Trumpfheller)
4. Printing the booklet and generation of the electronic version
   4a. Creation of a .pdf file (until the end of 2015)
   4b. afterwards edition of an e-book
   4c. publication as App.?
5. Distribution (Download)
6. Reporting

Progress Report 2024-01-03

The text was reviewed during winter, and will be checked by the TC-Chairs now.

It is expected to be submitted to the BoD meeting in April and then to the General Assembly in June to be approved.

Progress Report 2019-02-04

NPL volunteered to work on the final draft of 'Metrology in Short.

Starting in autum 2018

  • Definition of work scope
  • Rewriting postponed due to other priorities
  • January 2019: one person full-time assigned to the task
  • Reduced to 4 chapters; impact examples will be given in each chapter instead of a separate impact chapter

Target group

  • students, universities, people new to the field of metrology, metrology interested audience


  • in general easy to read, but technical information necessary


  • Starting end of February / beginning of March
  • Chapter by chapter
  • Volunteers? (timing: 1 week per chapter)


  • PDF version online available in May / June 2019
  • Further options are evaluated (print / web version)
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