Agreement of traceability in measurement fields

Project Description

MIKES and Metrosert Ltd have agreed about traceability issues as follows. MIKES gives Metrosert Ltd traceability in the following fields:

  • Acoustics
  • Temperature
  • Electrical quantities
  • Photo- and radiometry
  • Mass and related quantities: Force and Torque, Density, Pressure

Detailed lists of calibrations are agreed annually.

Progress Report 2018-09-12

In the years 2017 - 2018, VTT MIKES disseminated SI traceability to Metrosert AS in terms of calibrations in the fields of electricity, length and temperature. Martti Heinonen took over the coordination of this project and future cooperation was planned at Metrosert on 6th Sep. 2018. The project registration was decided to change from IM & EM to IM only.

Progress Report 2013-01-09

In the year 2012 activities are in the fields

  • Temperature
  • Electrical quantities
  • Force and Torque, Pressure 
Branch 11. DC voltage
Service1.1DC voltage sources
Subservice1.1.1Single values: solid state voltage standards
Branch 22.DC resistance
Service2.1DC resistance standards and sources
Subservice2.1.1Low values; 2.1.2 Intermediate values
Free Text4.Impedance; 4.2 Capacitance; 4.2.1 Low loss capacitors

Progress Report 2012-03-03

Project continues year by year bases. In the year 2012 activities are in the fields:

  • Temperature
  • Electrical quantities
  • Force and Torque
  • Pressure

 The contact person for Metrosert is Toomas Kübarsepp.

Interdisciplinary Metrology (IM)
Coordinating Institute
MIKES (Finland)
Participating Partners
Metrosert (Estonia)