Unified characterisation of national standards, characteristics and database

Project Description

Measurement standards are characterised by groups of charateristics like :

  • unit
  • uncertainty
  • method of realisation
  • traceability
  • results of comparisons
  • identification
  • localisation
  • owner, contact person
  • reference documents

The aims of the project are :

  •  to unify the group of characteristics and their expression and to make them comparable
  •  to develop the proper database (including the possibility of distribution by electronic media;
  •  to unify the understanding and expression of the terms, calibration meaurement capability "versus" best measurement capability

This project is managed in relationship with the EUROMET project n° 512 dealing with the implementation of the BIPM MRA's for EUROMET member countries.

Final Report

Completion notified on 24 February 2006.

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