Knowledge transfer in the field of liquid flow and volume metrology

In the framework of EURAMET Focus group on National Metrology Infrastructure Development a one-week long training course on Liquid Flow and Volume was held at the Hellenic Institute of Metrology (EIM) in Thessaloniki Greece in June 22 - 26, 2009. Two participants from each of the following organisations were present: General Directorate of Metrology, Albania; Bureau of Metrology, Macedonia; Directorate of Measures and Precious Metals, Serbia; Bureau of Metrology, Montengro;Institute of Metrology of Bosnia and Herzegovina Bosnia and Herzegovina; Ministry of Trade and Industry -Dept of Metrology Kosova. In addition, one participant from the State Office for Metrology, Croatia, not entitled the financial support through this project, participated on his own expenses.

The training was aiming to present all aspects of liquid flow and volume calibration including equipment,  method description, experimental procedures, traceability and uncertainty analysis. The theoretical aspects were complemented by laboratory practice where the participants had the opportunity to gain hands-on experience with real calibration tasks under the instructions and supervision of the instructors. In addition, case studies on other real calibration tasks were fully analyzed and practical experience was transferred to the participants in the form of Good Laboratory and Field Practice recommendations. The uncertainty budget for representative calibration tasks was presented and explained in detail. Finally, general directions and advice were given to the participants on organizing their laboratory on both scientific and administrative level in order to enhance the realiability and effectiveness of the provided services in their institutions.

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Interdisciplinary Metrology (IM)
Zoe Metaxiotou, EIM (Greece)
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