EMPIR Call 2017 - Industry, Fundamental, Normative, Research Potential & Support For Impact

In 2017 EURAMET issued calls for joint research for 'Metrology for Industry' (IND), 'Fundamental' (FUN), Metrology for Pre- and Co-normative' (NRM) and Research Potential (RPT) projects following a two stage process.

EURAMET also issued a Call for Support for Impact projects designed to increase the impact from completed i-MERA Plus and EMRP projects.

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Project Number Short Name Title Coordinator
17IND01 MIMAS Procedures allowing medical implant manufacturers to demonstrate compliance with MRI safety regulations Bernd Ittermann (PTB)
17IND02 SmartCom Communication and validation of smart data in IoT-networks Wiebke Heeren (PTB)
17IND03 LaVA Large Volume Metrology Applications Andrew Lewis (NPL)
17IND04 EMPRESS 2 Enhancing process efficiency through improved temperature measurement 2 Jonathan Pearce (NPL)
17IND05 MicroProbes Multifunctional ultrafast microprobes for on-the-machine measurements Uwe Brand (PTB)
17IND06 FutureGrid II Metrology for the next-generation digital substation instrumentation Enrico Mohns (PTB)
17IND07 DynPT Development of measurement and calibration techniques for dynamic pressures and temperatures Richard Högström (MIKES)
17IND08 AdvanCT Advanced Computed Tomography for dimensional and surface measurements in industry Ulrich Neuschaefer-Rube (PTB)
17IND09 MetAMCII Metrology for Airborne Molecular Contaminants II Geoffrey Barwood (NPL)
17IND10 LiBforSecUse Quality assessment of electric vehicle Li-ion batteries for second use applications Steffen Seitz (PTB)
17IND11 Hi-TRACE Industrial process optimisation through improved metrology of thermophysical properties Bruno Hay (LNE)
17IND12 Met4FoF Metrology for the Factory of the Future Sascha Eichstädt (PTB)
17IND13 Metrowamet Metrology for real-world domestic water metering Corinna Kroner (PTB)
17IND14 WRITE Precision Time for Industry Davide Calonico (INRIM)
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Research Potential

Project Number Short Name Title Coordinator
17RPT01 DOSEtrace Research capabilities for radiation protection dosimeters Amra Šabeta (IMBiH)
17RPT02 rhoLiq Establishing traceability for liquid density measurements Andreia Furtado (IPQ)
17RPT03 DIG-AC A digital traceability chain for AC voltage and current Damir Ilic (FER-PEL)
17RPT04 VersICaL A versatile electrical impedance calibration laboratory based on digital impedance bridges Oliver Power (NSAI NML)
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