Simple Expression of Uncertainty for Meteorological Observations

Short Name: SimpleMeteoU, Project Number: 17SIP02
Image of a weather station
Weather Station

A simplified system for evaluating weather data measurement accuracy

For users of weather and climate information, confidence in the observational data is key. Many factors, however, can affect meteorological observations, from weather station location to the type of measurement equipment used. Consequently, there is a recognised need by organisations such as the UK Met Office to evaluate data accuracy, and the challenge remains to develop a straightforward system for its calculation.


This project developed a system for the simplified expression of uncertainty in meteorological data, combined with user-friendly graphical representation. As already investigated in EMRP project MeteoMet2, weather measurements are affected by a range of influences: this includes weather station factors such as proximity to buildings, and the sensitivity of instrumentation to external effects like temperature. In conjunction with the World Metrological Organisation, the UK Met Office will consider how best to implement the new, simplified weather data uncertainty system and provide information that’s easy to access and use.

From floods to construction work, the project results will enable users to undertake more effective risk management for a range of scenarios.


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