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Technology transfer of RF nonlinear verification device to end-user

Short Name: Trove, Project Number: 17SIP04
Image showing high-frequency measurement equipment
High-frequency measurement equipment

Developing a verification and diagnostic tool for nonlinear radio frequency measurements

An ever-increasing demand for better data speed and capacity whilst on the move also means rapidly growing energy usage by the telecommunications sector. As one of the largest civil users of radio frequency (RF) technology, telecommunications are working to increase their overall RF efficiency to address growing concerns over the carbon footprint of mobile phone handsets and base-stations. Nonlinear RF measurements provide a suitable solution, allowing wider frequency ranges and more power efficient amplifier designs, but these require robust verification and diagnostic tools.


This project has provided guidance and training for a prototype nonlinear RF measurement tool. This will enable industrial users to adapt the prototype nonlinear RF measurement tool to meet their needs, and assist them in developing it as an optimised instrument that shows reliable and consistent nonlinear properties, appropriate for use as a verification or diagnostic tool. By sharing knowledge and promoting uptake through workshops and trade publications, this project has helped to support increased power efficiency of modern telecommunications.


This project builds on from EMRP project SIB62 HFCircuits



Coordinator: David Humphreys (NPL)


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