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Advancing laboratory based X-ray metrology techniques

Short Name: Adlab-XMet, Project Number: 17SIP07
Image showing Console In Master Control Room
Console In Master Control Room

Supporting the reliable calibration of laboratory x-ray measurement equipment

Novel materials and devices are helping to revolutionise micro and nanoelectronics by tackling challenges such as miniaturisation, power consumption, and processing speed. For greater miniaturisation in particular, accurate determination of characteristics such as surface contamination and layer composition is needed. A previous EMRP project TReND developed non-destructive x-ray analysis procedures and calibration samples to accurately characterise electrical and chemical properties of novel materials and devices.


This project will support the uptake of outputs from the previous EMRP project by industrial users. Advice will be provided on the best use of experimental procedures, and more reliable calibration methods for laboratory x-ray measurement equipment will be established using the well-characterised calibration samples from the previous EMRP project.

By enabling x-ray measurements of micro and nanoelectronics to become more reliable, industries from medicine to environmental analysis can have more confidence in their measurements and devices.


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