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EMPIR Call 2016 - Energy, Environment, Normative, Research Potential & Support for Impact

In 2016 EURAMET issued calls for joint research for 'Metrology for Energy', 'Metrology for Environment', 'Metrology for Pre-Co Normative' and 'Research Potential' following a two stage process.

EURAMET also issued a Call for Support for Impact projects designed to increase the impact from completed i-MERA Plus and EMRP projects.

View all Selected Research Topics for EMPIR Call 2016


Project Number Short Name Title Coordinator
16ENG01 MetroHyVe Metrology for hydrogen vehicles
16ENG02 PV-Enerate Advanced PV energy rating Stefan Winter (PTB)
16ENG03 HyMet Hybrid metrology for thin films in energy applications Fernando Araujo de Castro (NPL)
16ENG04 MyRailS Metrology for smart energy management in electric railway systems Domenico Giordano (INRIM)
16ENG05 Biomethane Metrology for biomethane Jianrong Li (VSL)
16ENG06 ADVENT Metrology for advanced energy-saving technology in next-generation electronics applications Francois Ziadé (LNE)
16ENG07 MultiFlowMet II Multiphase flow reference metrology
16ENG08 MICEV Metrology for inductive charging of electric vehicles Mauro Zucca (INRIM)
16ENG09 LNG III Metrological support for LNG and LBG as transport fuel Menne Schakel (VSL)
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Project Number Short Name Title Coordinator
16ENV01 MercOx Metrology for oxidised mercury Milena Horvat (MIRS/IJS/F-2,O-2)
16ENV02 Black Carbon Metrology for light absorption by atmospheric aerosols
16ENV03 MetEOC-3 Further metrology for earth observation and climate Nigel Fox (NPL)
16ENV04 Preparedness Metrology for mobile detection of ionising radiation following a nuclear or radiological incident
16ENV05 MetNO2 Metrology for nitrogen dioxide David Robert Worton (NPL)
16ENV06 SIRS Metrology for stable isotope reference standards Paul Brewer (NPL)
16ENV07 AEROMET Aerosol metrology for atmospheric science and air quality Burkhard Beckhoff (PTB)
16ENV08 IMPRESS 2 Metrology for air pollutant emissions Rod Robinson (NPL)
16ENV09 MetroDECOM II In situ metrology for decommissioning nuclear facilities Peter Ivanov (NPL)
16ENV10 MetroRADON Metrology for radon monitoring
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Research Potential

Project Number Short Name Title Coordinator
16RPT01 ChemMet-Cap Development of scientific and technical capabilities in the field of chemical analysis Paola Fisicaro (LNE)
16RPT02 ALCOREF Certified forensic alcohol reference materials Rosemarie Philipp (BAM)
16RPT03 inTENSE Developing research capabilities for traceable intraocular pressure measurements Dominik Prazak (CMI)
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Support for Impact

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