EMPIR Call 2015 - Health, SI Broader Scope, Normative, Research Potential & Support for Impact

In 2015 EURAMET issued calls for joint research for 'Metrology for Health', 'Metrology for SI Broader Scope', 'Metrology for Pre-Co Normative' and 'Research Potential' following a two stage process.

EURAMET also issued a Call for Support for Impact projects designed to increase the impact from completed i-MERA Plus and EMRP projects.

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SI Broader Scope

Project Number Short Name Title Coordinator
15SIB01 FreeFORM Reference algorithms and metrology on aspherical and freeform lenses Hichem Nouira (LNE)
15SIB02 InK 2 Implementing the new kelvin 2 Graham Machin (NPL)
15SIB03 OC18 Optical clocks with 1E-18 uncertainty Rachel Godun (NPL)
15SIB04 QuADC Waveform metrology based on spectrally pure Josephson voltages Ralf Behr (PTB)
15SIB05 OFTEN Optical frequency transfer - a European network Harald Schnatz (PTB)
15SIB06 NanoMag Nano-scale traceable magnetic field measurements Hans Werner Schumacher (PTB)
15SIB07 PhotoLED Future photometry based on solid-state lighting products
15SIB08 e-SI-Amp Quantum realisation of the SI ampere Masaya Kataoka (NPL)
15SIB09 3DNano Traceable three-dimensional nanometrology Virpi Korpelainen (MIKES)
15SIB10 MetroBeta Radionuclide beta spectra metrology Mark Kellett (LNE-LNHB)
15SIP04 TIMEFUNC Time Synchronisation Impact Enabling Future Network Communication Erik Dierikx (VSL)
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Research Potential

Project Number Short Name Title Coordinator
15RPT01 RFMicrowave Development of RF and microwave metrology capability
15RPT02 UNAC-LOW Underwater acoustic calibration standards for frequencies below 1 kHz Alper Biber (MRC MI-UAL)
15RPT03 HUMEA Expansion of European research capabilities in humidity measurement Nedzadeta Mutapčić (IMBiH)
15RPT04 TracePQM Traceability routes for electrical power quality measurements Věra Nováková Zachovalová (CMI)
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