Time Synchronisation Impact Enabling Future Network Communication

Short Name: TIMEFUNC, Project Number: 15SIP04
Large fiber optical cables

Training supports the implementation of White Rabbit synchronisation technology for high-performance networks

The world of telecommunications is evolving into a network in which virtually everyone and everything is connected together through the Internet of Things. As this network expands, telecommunication service providers are facing increasing demands from their customers - two of the most pressing being the need to increase data transfer capacity and determining the location of mobile consumers. The key to overcoming both of these challenges lies in more accurate time synchronisation. EMRP project NEAT-FT demonstrated that White Rabbit (WR) technology - an Ethernet-based technology initially conceived at CERN – could be the solution, capable of synchronising network nodes at the nanosecond level over large distances.


This project has supported the uptake of WR technology across the telecommunications sector by providing hands on training sessions to network provider, Tallgrass, and their hardware service provider, OPNT, on how to design, implement, operate and maintain a WR network thereby facilitating a major step forward in the development of next-generation 5G networks. The training material was made publicly available in the form of a best practice guide on the VSL website and on the WR website.

Participating EURAMET NMIs and DIs
VSL (Netherlands)