An International Standard for Reliable Chemical Depth Profiling of Organic Materials

Short Name: ISOChemDepth, Project Number: 15SIP02
Crystal processor

A new standard to enable industry to carry out sputter depth profiling analysis of organic materials

Being able to measure the distribution of chemical components in the near-surface region of materials is essential to understanding and optimising their performance and manufacture. Sputter depth profiling offers this capability and is routinely used for the quantitative analysis of semiconductor materials and inorganic thin films in advanced manufacturing. However, while several international standards exist to support such analyses, these cannot be extended to organic (carbon-based) materials, which offer a low-cost, flexible alternative to conventional materials. EMRP project NEW01 TReND established the metrology needed to underpin sputter depth profiling of organic materials and this project has developed a documentary standard that enables industry to measure the average sputtering yield volume - a key parameter in the sputter depth profiling of organic materials. Such a standard was identified as a high priority by primary supporter ISO/TC 201, and by ensuring consistent results across different instruments and techniques, it will support academia and industry to develop innovative, low-cost electronic devices based on organic materials.

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