Waveform metrology based on spectrally pure Josephson voltages

Short Name: QuADC, Project Number: 15SIB04
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Developing AC voltage measurement systems for industrial end-users

The volt is the SI unit of electrical potential energy and refers to the energy that could be released if a current were allowed to flow. The value of the volt has been precisely defined, to ensure it is measured with universal consistency, and every voltage measurement made is traceable back to this SI definition. Although voltage measurements made from direct currents (DC) can be traced back reliably to the standard volt, measurements made from alternating currents (AC) cannot, particularly in high-end applications, due to sources of uncertainty in the traceability chain. This project developed reliable and easy to use AC voltage measurement systems that can be traced to the standard SI volt. These measurement systems allow a range of industrial end-users to develop previously unachievable processes and products that rely on fast analogue-to-digital conversion, such as power quality monitors, which provide support to the smart grids of the future. 

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Other Participants
Applicos B.V. (Netherlands)
esz AG calibration & metrology (Germany)
Instituto Nacional de Tecnología Industrial (Argentina)
Signal Conversion Ltd (United Kingdom)
Universitetet i Sørøst-Norge (Norway)