Selected Research Topics (SRTs) for EMPIR Call 2015 - Health

SRT NumberSRT TitleResult
SRT-h01Novel materials and methods for the detection, traceable monitoring and evaluation of antimicrobial resistanceFunded as 15HLT07
SRT-h02Quantitative measurement and imaging of drug-uptake by bacteria with antimicrobial resistanceFunded as 15HLT01
SRT-h03Metrological standardisation of concentration and identification measurements of extracellular vesiclesNot funded
SRT-h04Metrology for additively manufactured medical implantsFunded as 15HLT09
SRT-h05Metrological infrastructure for emerging food contaminants by innovative analytical toolsNot funded
SRT-h06Biomedical field mapping using optically pumped magnetometer arraysNo bid
SRT-h07A metrological platform for bio-imaging to support targeted therapies and diagnosticsNot funded
SRT-h08Key reactive molecules as exhaled breath biomarkers for disease diagnostics and monitoringNot funded
SRT-h09Metrology for multi-modality imaging of impaired tissue perfusionFunded as 15HLT05
SRT-h10Towards the quantification of medical images in terms of physical quantitiesNot funded
SRT-h11Role of metals and metal containing biomolecules in neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s diseaseFunded as 15HLT02
SRT-h12Radionuclide metrology for improved diagnosis and treatments in nuclear medicineNot funded
SRT-h13Innovative measurements for improved diagnosis and management of neurodegenerative diseasesFunded as 15HLT04
SRT-h14Metrology for personalised MRI safety concepts suitable for patients with metallic implantsNot funded
SRT-h15Metrology for MR guided radiotherapyFunded as 15HLT08
SRT-h16Accurate references and traceability for radiation quantities under non equilibrium conditions in radiotherapyNot funded
SRT-h17Metrology support for improved surveillance of safety of blood productsNot funded
SRT-h18Metrology for clinical implementation of dosimetry in molecular radiotherapyFunded as 15HLT06
SRT-h19Metrology for accuracy of clinical dose delivery in hadron therapyNot funded
SRT-h20Metrology for high intensity ultrasound treatment planningNot funded
SRT-h21Biologically relevant metrology of ionising radiationNot funded
SRT-h22Metrology for modern hearing assessment and protecting public health from emerging noise sourcesFunded as 15HLT03

Selected Research Topics (SRTs) for EMPIR Call 2015 - SI Broader Scope

SRT NumberSRT TitleResult
SRT-s01Nano-scale traceable magnetic field measurementsFunded as 15SIB06
SRT-s02Waveform metrology based on spectrally pure Josephson voltagesFunded as 15SIB04
SRT-s03Metrology for electrical scanning probe microscopyNot funded
SRT-s04Quantum realisation of the SI ampereFunded as 15SIB08
SRT-s05Quantum impedance metrology based on grapheneNot funded
SRT-s06Metrology for terahertz technologiesNo bid
SRT-s07Radionuclide beta spectra metrologyFunded as 15SIB10
SRT-s08Traceable three-dimensional nanometrologyFunded as 15SIB09
SRT-s09Reference algorithms and metrology on aspherical and freeform lensesFunded as 15SIB01
SRT-s10Dimensional metrology for geodesy and surveyingNot funded
SRT-s11Maintaining and disseminating the new SI unit kilogram via spheres of natural siliconNot funded
SRT-s12Practical realisation and traceability in the new SI for optical power quantitiesNot funded
SRT-s13Future photometry based on solid-state lighting productsFunded as 15SIB07
SRT-s14Implementing the new kelvin 2Funded as 15SIB02
SRT-s15Optical frequency transfer - a European networkFunded as 15SIB05
SRT-s16Optical clocks with 1E-18 uncertaintyFunded as 15SIB03
SRT-s17Novel techniques for traceable temperature disseminationNot funded

Selected Research Topics (SRTs) for EMPIR Call 2015 - Normative

SRT Number SRT TitleResult
SRT-n01Characterisation of graphene and 2-D materials to enable commercial applicationsNot funded
SRT-n02Uniform communication interfaces in metrology for the Internet of ThingsNot funded
SRT-n03Evaluation of the effect of measurement uncertainty on patient safety with respect to radiation sterilisation of medical devicesNo bid
SRT-n04Metrology for sustainable hydrogen energy applicationsFunded as 15NRM03
SRT-n05Standardisation of methods for impurity contents in biomethane and upgraded biogasNo bid
SRT-n06Black carbon and total carbon measurements in airNot funded
SRT-n07Improvement of emissivity measurements on reflective insulation materialsNot funded
SRT-n08Metrology for sampling and conditioning SO2 emissions from stacksFunded as 15NRM01
SRT-n09First development of normalisation on BRDF based quantitiesNot funded
SRT-n10Extending ISO/TR 11583 wet-gas flow measurement to cover installation and 3rd component effectsNot funded
SRT-n11Techniques for ultra-high voltage and very fast transientsFunded as 15NRM02
SRT-n12Standard tests and requirements for rate-of-change of frequency (ROCOF) measurements in smart gridsFunded as 15NRM04

Selected Research Topics (SRTs) for EMPIR Call 2015 - Research Potential

SRT NumberSRT TitleResult
SRT-r01Traceability routes for electrical power quality measurementsFunded as 15RPT04
SRT-r02Expansion of European research capabilities in humidity measurementFunded as 15RPT03
SRT-r03Underwater acoustic calibration standards for frequencies below 1 kHzFunded as 15RPT02
SRT-r04Metrology research potential development in the Baltic regionNot funded
SRT-r05International traceability for time and frequency measurementsNo bid 
SRT-r06Development of RF and microwave metrology capabilityFunded as 15RPT01

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