EMPIR Call 2020 - Industry, Fundamental, Normative, Support for Networks & Support for Impact

In 2020EURAMET issued Calls for joint research in 'Metrology for Industry' (IND), 'Fundamental metrology' (FUN), 'Metrology for Pre- and Co-normative' (NRM) as well as Support for Networks (NET) projects following a two stage process.

EURAMET also issued a Call for Support for Impact projects designed to increase the impact from completed i-MERA Plus, EMRP and EMPIR projects.

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Project Number Short Name Title Coordinator
20IND01 MetroCycleEU Metrology for the recycling of Technology Critical Elements to support Europe's circular economy agenda Johanna Noireaux (LNE)
20IND02 DynaMITE Dynamic applications of large volume metrology in industry of tomorrow environments Andrew Lewis (NPL)
20IND03 FutureCom RF Measurements for future communications applications Dilbagh Singh (NPL)
20IND04 ATMOC Traceable metrology of soft X-ray to IR optical constants and nanofilms for advanced manufacturing Sebastian Heidenreich (PTB)
20IND05 QADeT Quantum sensors for metrology based on single-atom-like device technology Paolo Traina (INRIM)
20IND06 PROMETH2O Metrology for trace water in ultra-pure process gases Vito C. Fernicola (INRIM)
20IND07 TracOptic Traceable industrial 3D roughness and dimensional measurement using optical 3D microscopy and optical distance sensors Uwe Brand (PTB)
20IND08 MetExSPM Traceability of localised functional properties of nanostructures with high speed scanning probe microscopy Virpi Korpelainen (MIKES)
20IND09 PowerElec Metrology in manufacturing compound semiconductors for power electronics Sebastian Wood (NPL)
20IND10 Decarb Metrology for decarbonising the gas grid Arul Murugan (NPL)
20IND11 MetHyInfra Metrology infrastructure for high-pressure gas and liquified hydrogen flows Hans-Benjamin Böckler (PTB)
20IND12 Elena Electrical nanoscale metrology in industry François Piquemal (LNE)
20IND13 SAFEST Sustainable advanced flow meter calibration for the transport sector Corinna Kroner (PTB)
20SIP05 KTOC Knowledge Transfer for Optical Communications Irshaad Fatadin (NPL)
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Project Number Short Name Title Coordinator
20NET01 Clean Energy Support for a European Metrology Network for Clean Energy Fabian Plag (PTB)
20NET02 Food-MetNet Support for a European Metrology Network on Food Safety Andrea Mario Rossi (INRIM)
20NET03 POLMO Support for a European Metrology Network on pollution monitoring Paola Fisicaro (LNE)
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