Multiphase flow reference metrology

Short Name: MultiFlowMet II, Project Number: 16ENG07
Image showing oilrig drill submerged in the ocean
Drill looking for oil in the ocean

Harmonised multiphase flow measurements will support subsea exploration of new oil and gas reserves

Multiphase flow measurement is a fundamental enabling capability in subsea oil and gas production. However, field measurements exhibit high measurement uncertainty, costing the industry billions of euros each year in financial exposure and production inefficiencies. To rectify this, a reference measurement capability is needed that is consistent and comparable across the different test laboratories offering multiphase flow measurement services, to instil confidence in these essential measurements.


This project has applied the harmonised approach to multiphase flow measurements developed in EMRP project ENG58 MultiFlowMet to an enlarged network of laboratories, covering a wider range of flow conditions with applicability across a wider range of multiphase meter types. This will lead to lower uncertainty measurements and greater confidence in the deployment of multiphase metering technology.

Such technology is a vital component of subsea engineering, the most economically effective means of exploiting new oil and gas reserves at the lowest possible cost.


Coordinator: Anna Pieper


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Project website
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Other Participants
Coventry University (United Kingdom)
Cranfield University (United Kingdom)
DNV Netherlands B.V. (Netherlands)
Industrial Tomography Systems Plc (United Kingdom)
NORCE Norwegian Research Centre AS (Norway)
Onesubsea Processing AS (Norway)
Petroleum Software Limited (United Kingdom)
ROSEN Germany GmbH (Germany)
Roxar Flow Measurement AS (Norway)
University of Glasgow (United Kingdom)
University of Leeds (United Kingdom)