SAR measurement using vector probes

Short Name: Vector SAR, Project Number: 16NRM07
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Validating quicker methods for measuring energy absorption from mobile phones

International regulations require that the energy from mobile phone electromagnetic fields which is absorbed by their users - the specific absorption rate (SAR) - does not exceed safe limits. Current single sensor SAR measurement approaches require excessive testing time and are unable to measure all possible configurations of modern mobile devices. An improved vector based measurement approach has been developed, which uses arrays of sensors to “image” the fields. This is 100 times faster and measures a wider range of parameters, but needs standardisation.


This project has developed traceable calibration methods, software and modelling tools, and uncertainty analysis for vector based approaches, and validated their performance for real-world devices. Results will inform the new IEC 62209-3 standard, which will allow the use of vector based systems for SAR testing, and also support development of new 5G standards. This will reduce testing time for mobile device manufacturers, decrease the time to market, and build higher public confidence in mobile safety.

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ART-FI SAS (France)
Institut Mines-Telecom (France)
KAPTEOS (France)