EMPIR European project for validation of vector array SAR measurement systems

Allal Djamel

Specific Absorption Rate, Vector Probe Array, MIMO

Document type Proceedings
Journal title / Source 19th International Congress of Metrology (CIM2019)
Issue 2019 19th
Page numbers / Article number 3/02003
Publisher's name EDP Sciences
Publication date 2019-9-23
Conference name 19th International Congress of Metrology
Conference date 24-09-2019 to 26-09-2019
Conference place LNE
DOI 10.1051/metrology/201902003
Web URL https://cfmetrologie.edpsciences.org/articles/metrology/abs/2019/01/metrology_cim2019_02003/metrology_cim2019_02003.html
Language English

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