New Waveguide Interfaces for Terahertz Technologies

Short Name: NeWITT, Project Number: 17SIP08
image showing Vehicle sensing systems using a wireless communication network
Vehicle sensing systems using a wireless communication network

Promoting new standards for waveguide devices above 100GHz

Autonomous vehicles, medical technologies, and climate change monitoring are all areas that use very high electromagnetic frequencies of 100 GHz and above. As the number of applications increases, the importance of being able to perform precise and reproducible measurements of high frequency signals also rises. This requires reliable equipment, including waveguides – which act as transmission lines for electromagnetic waves. A new series of standards, IEEE 1785, have been developed for waveguide devices above 100 GHz, but many end-users are not aware of these standards or are discouraged from adapting existing systems by increasing design complexity.


This project will promote the adoption and use of the new IEEE 1785 series of standards by establishing a Good Practice Guide, describing how to make reliable waveguide connections at frequencies above 100 GHz. Open source software for calculating the electrical performance of connected waveguides will also be made available, facilitating the adoption more reliable methods and equipment and enabling faster and increasingly efficient products.


This project builds on from EMRP project SIB62 HFCircuits.


Participating EURAMET NMIs and DIs
NPL (United Kingdom)
PTB (Germany)
Other Participants
Flann Microwave Limited (United Kingdom)